Dissonant Counterpoint


by Gloria Glitzer (Franziska Brandt & Moritz Grünke), Anna Jehle, Juliane Schickedanz

This artzine was developed in occasion of Diana Policarpo’s exhibition »Dissonant Counterpoint« at KV – Verein für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig. Curated by Anna Jehle and Juliane Schickedanz.

»Johanna Magdalena Beyer (*1888 Leipzig, †1944 New York) was most likely the first woman to compose for electronic instruments such as the theremin. One of her most important works is her unfinished, political opera ›Status Quo‹ which she began in 1938. Conceived in four acts, its central motifs explore both social criticism and utopianism. Only the opening and the end of the piece, titled ›Music of Spheres‹, are still extant as musical scores, whereas other parts have only survived as graphical notations or sketches.

Johanna Beyer’s passion for astrology and political activism form the springboard for Diana Policarpo to recreate Beyer’s personhood, life story and her unfinished music in her artwork.« — KV Leipzig

Concept & production by Gloria Glitzer
Text by Anna Jehle and Juliane Schickedanz
Translation by Amanda Oliver
Copy-editing by Peter Hermans

Artzine, 20.5×28cm, 44 pages, five color Risography on 60 g/m² bible print paper & 100 g/m² Werkdruck, with following inserts: 10×18.5cm offset printed mirror postcard; folded, three color riso printed poster 28×40cm & offset printed sticker, first edition of 250 copies, 2017

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